We invite all the Wordsmiths! 

Do you love playing and knitting with the words? Are you a wordsmith who loves to explore different content niches? If your answer is ‘yes’ then wogaboo.com welcomes you all on its board. Contribute any writing stuff related to tips, guidelines, how and why type articles or on general topics. 

Just read the content submission guidelines carefully before submitting any piece to us

First, send us an article pitch and then the completed article after filling out the form below. Please note that you are free to use both the conversational as well as analytical tone while writing articles. 

It is important to maintain a harmonious balance of facts and information, thoughts and quotes besides presenting your own thoughts.  The minimal word count for the content is about 700 words, with no limitation on the maximum count. It depends on the topic of the blog. 

We will not accept the plagiarized content at all. So, please make sure that your content is unique without any copy-paste job. Also, remember to submit the article or blog in Word Document and not PDF or any other format.  

If you are providing any stats or figures in an article to justify a point, make sure they are hyperlinked to acknowledge the source of information. 

The article or the pitch has to be submitted only once. You need to submit your piece to us and not to our editors. If it is found that your article has already been published on some other website, you may be barred from writing for us.  

Please note that it may take about three business days for content approval. Once it gets approved, our team will get in touch with you 

Contact us for post-submission if you have read and understood all the guideline points.